Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordpress TimThumb Exploit (Remote Code Execution)

A lot of wordpress themes use timthumb script to resize images. From version 1.15 to 1.33 timthumb allow to external domains such as to display remote images on your website .

More detailed information here:
- Wordpress timthum hack
- Zero Day vulnerability in many wordpress themes

- TimThumb version used
- Vulnerable wordpress theme
- List of vulnerable wordpress themes


  1. how to make "" on terminal backbox....
    Thx :)


  2. I'm following this tutorial for a test, locally, with XAMPP.
    I can upload the image (test.php) but instead of creating the .php file in the "cache" of timthumb, is created only one image .PNG
    How can it be that is created only a PNG (no gif + php!)? The exploit does not work that way because, obviously, you can not execute commands.

  3. I beyond doubt appreciate your articles and blogs wordpress themes